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Sustainability 101
Conscious Consumerism
Build a Better World - One Purchase at a Time
One of the easiest and most powerful ways that we, as consumers, can build a better world is through our purchases. Every time we buy something we are essentially voting with our dollars. Often in our haste to get the shopping done, we inadvertently cast votes that are not in line with our deeper values. We buy products that have been shipped halfway around the globe using fossil fuels, even though we are in favour of reducing greenhouse gases. We buy products made in countries where workers are poorly paid and treated even worse even though we believe strongly in fair labour practices. We say to ourselves, "who has time to research each product and find out where it was made, what it is composed of, and under what conditions it was produced." Fortunately, this is where HGOF comes in. We research all our products and only carry those that meet our ethical, social and environmental criteria. By buying more of your groceries from HGOF, you can literally help build a better world!
Choose Your Fish and Seafood Wisely
If you are thinking of having seafood for dinner, you should know that some fisheries have very different environmental impacts than others. Below we have grouped various types of seafood into three categories so you can make informed purchasing decisions: The Best Choice: These species have strong populations and are harvested with low "by-catch" (accidental netting of non-target species). Herring Mackerel Pacific Halibut Squid Dungeness crab An okay choice for now These species are harvested to the sustainable limit but not in danger of extinction Wild pacific salmon (locally in short supply) Yellowfin Tuna Pacific Cod Farmed oyster & mussels Imported prawns Snow crab A Poor Choice: These species are dangerously over-harvested or the fishery has major environmental impacts. Atlantic Cod BC Shrimp Bluefin Tuna Farmed Salmon King Crab Red Snapper Sea and Bay Scallops Tiger Prawns

Source: www.sierraclub.ca/bc

Conscious Consumerism
Our greatest hope for the future is to build a society that works for all people and the planet. To that end, here are six tips on how we, as consumers, can build a better world .

Simplify your life
Most of us rush through life at such a frantic pace that we end up trading our quality of life for a quantity of life. By eliminating annoying tasks, like grocery shopping, we can better focus on those things that really add meaning to our lives.

Vote with your dollars
Every we time we buy something we are voting with our dollars. By choosing products that are local, recycled, environmentally friendly, ethical, and so on, we can literally change the world.

Nurture the earth
Buying green products is easy and significantly reduces our impact on the environment.

Show concern for others
By buying from small, independent suppliers and supporting local community causes, we can significantly improve the fabric of our communities.

Stay informed and speak out
We can help shape our communities by staying informed on social issues and speaking out on those that concern us.

Support ethical businesses
While it is tempting to buy from big box retailers, we can re-write the DNA of our market system by supporting businesses that subscribe to a broader set of values than simply making a profit.

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Conscious Consumerism
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