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The Voice of Organics in the Atlantic!
Holistic Health Directory

First Nations

Overlooking the South shore of the Bras d'Or lakes, an incredible inland sea, set amidst the wild, ancient and mystical beauty of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, ARKANDOR will capture your imagination. You will be nurtured, regenerated, and stimulated.
Astrology Zone
Every year, there are several important planetary trends that affect all of the signs in the zodiac. Full moons and new moons are harbingers of endings and beginnings, eclipses provide lightning flashes of clarity in complicated situations, and Mercury retrograde can throw daily life into an uproar. Check out the "Astrological Weather Reports" here in Current Planetary Trends for detailed information on all the developments in your weeks and months to come.
DVL Publishing Inc.
If you are interested in large- or small-scale farming, crops, beef cattle, sheep, poultry, horses and ponies, land use and conservation, backyard gardening, traditional crafts and country pursuits, woodlot management, large-scale forestry, beekeeping, food, recipes and rural life, then check out our "magazines for country living."
Halifax, Nova Scotia
We'd like to introduce you to the exciting variety of sights, attractions and people that make up the Halifax region. Nature has blessed this area with sandy beaches, rugged shorelines and colorful gardens. This fine location was the site of the first British town in Canada, founded in 1749. Since then, the area has evolved to be home for a diverse mix of people. Charming fishing villages, farming communities and Atlantic Canada's largest city awaits you.
The Vaults of Erowid
Erowid.org is an online library of information about psychoactive plants and chemicals and related topics. The information on the site is a compilation of the experiences, words, and efforts of hundreds of individuals including users, parents, health professionals, doctors, therapists, chemists, researchers, teachers, and lawyers. Erowid acts as a publisher of new information as well as a library for the collection of documents published elsewhere. The information found on the site spans the spectrum from solid peer reviewed research to fanciful creative writing.
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