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Super Nova Strategy
We're Canadian consultants that work with creative business people - entrepreneurs and senior managers that have a vision for their business but need a little guidance or support to realize the vision.
The preeminent publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge.
Interact Barter Exchange
Barter permits additional sales at one's normal retail price or carrying cost. Barter sales are an increment over and above cash sales, usually not amounting to more than 10-15 percent of total business. To take advantage of barter, a firm must have spare capacity to take on additional sales.
Open for Business
Got a business idea? Don't quite know what to do with it? Come into Open for Business (OFB). We've got a dynamic environment where you can discover, develop and fine-tune your business skills. Talk to one of our Entrepreneurship Apprentices (EAs). We can help you take that great idea and turn into an exciting entrepreneurial adventure.
Small Business Info Centre
An online resource designed to provide small business entrepreneurs with the tools needed to make electronic commerce a successful part of their small business initiatives.
The Hub Halifax
The Hub sells time with flexible memberships that operate like a cell phone plan. Pay for what you need. Use the Hub as your office, to host a meeting or work on a project. It is a place to scale up, change gears, take risks, make mistakes, and bump into people.
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