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World Watch Institute
This is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on issues of global sustainability. You can subscribe to their bi-monthly magazine called WorldWatch for about $20 US. They also publish 6 -8 briefs on particular issues, as well as two annual books (Vital Signs and State of the World). They are based in Washington D.C.
Care2 Make a difference
The #1 Environmental Network for Healthy Living and a Healthy Planet.
The crusade for the crisis of people, planet and community.
GPI Atlantic
GPI Atlantic is a non-profit research group, founded in 1997, to develop an index of sustainable development and well being - the Genuine Progress Index.
People & Planet Friendly
A free, weekly e-mail newsletter about peace, sustainable living, environment and human rights.

"I had no idea all this great stuff was going on!"
Sierra Club of Canada
Dedicated to exploring, enjoying and protecting the wild places of the earth and to practise and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems.
Sustainability - A Choice to Consider
"The 7th Generation Initiative aims to recognize peoples' concerns and insights and make them available to everyone, for critical assessment and creative action."
Sustainable Business
This is one of the best information sites on sustainable business initiatives. This site is designed to help people participate in the immense business opportunities inherent in sustainability and accelerate the momentum. The goal of this site is to inspire people and fill them with a can do attitude!
The Nappan Project
Located in Nappan, near Amherst Nova Scotia, The Nappan Project Association is a community based Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the development and demonstration of environmentally friendly, sustainable living skills and technologies. Through this project, we aim to show that it is economical, easy, and comfortable to live sustainably.
The Natural Step US
The Natural Step US is working to promote the concept of The Natural Step in the United States. The Natural Step, developed by Swedish scientist, Dr. Karl Henrick-Robert, outlines four simple environmental conditions that need to be met if we are to achieve environmental sustainability. Over the past 10 years, the Natural Step has received worldwide recognition and acclaim.
The World Business Academy
The WBA is a group of business people and entrepreneurs who believe that business is the most powerful institution on the planet and therefore can play an important role in building a better world. Through on-going education, business leaders learn how to integrate bottom-line profitability with social responsibility and human development. The WBA is headquartered in California.
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