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Holistic Health Directory
Clear Mind
Special offers for healthy living.
The Benefits of Yoga
Along with aligning body, mind and spirit, regular Yoga practice can help you to:

Reduce stress
Strengthen and tone your body
Increase energy and flexibility
Improve posture
Create self-confidence
Control weight
Improve balance and coordination
Reduce depression
"We hope that our students will explore the art and science of yoga and fall in love with the discovery of the joy and health that it brings."

--Maxine & Mike

Our Yoga Classes
We offer a variety of daytime, weekend and evening classes. We also offer private one-on-one instruction.

For a copy of our current schedule, click here.

To enroll in our classes, please call 429-3303. You can also drop by Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio to pick up a schedule. We are located at 6156 Quinpool Road, Suite 202

Please remember classes are small so space can be limited.

Our Philosophy
We believe the practice of Yoga will help students understand and develop their own path to true well-being.

We like to keep our classes small. This helps us to make sure our students gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from our classes and to ensure safety.
Our classes begin with Yoga conditioning exercises that help warm up your body to further reduce the chance of injury from overstretching.

You will learn the importance of breath in your Yoga practice as well as develop a good understanding of yoga poses.

Stretching and relaxation at the end of class will help your body to rest and rejuvenate.
Special Offer
Contact info:
Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio, Mike & Maxine Munro
6156 Quinpool Road Suite 202 T: (902) 429-3303
Halifax, NS F:
B3L 1A3
Click here to print this offer.

'Healthy Living' Practitioners at a glance
Clinic Name
Phone #
Accel Physiotherapy & Sport Performance Centre,
446-4004 info@accelphysio.ca http://www.accelphysio.ca/
Acupuncture, Dr. Xin Lu, MD (China), PH.D
Acupuncture, Bowen, & NAET, Jane Holden
(902) 455-2220 http://www.kachinahealth.ca
Be Well Spa, Dr. Cheryl Lycette, ND
422-2767 http://www.bewellspa.ca/
Bhavana Yoga Boutique, Krista Watters
423-3335 bhavanayoga@gmail.com www.bhavanayogaboutique.com
Breakthrough Co-op, Joann Doran
(902) 455-9939 x105 jdoran@breakthrough.ns.ca www.breakthrough.ns.ca
Chiropractic Wellness Centre, Dr. Tasia Lazaros, BSC (H) , DC
(902) 446-5465 drtasialazaros@hotmail.com http://healthylinkwellness.ca/
Classical Homeopath, F. Joan Macdonald DHM(UK)
(902) 423-8926 m.j.2182@gmail.com home.istar.ca/joanmacd
EastWind Stress Reduction Clinic, Timothy R. Walker, Ph.D
(902) 431-4097 trw@dharmasunhealing.com www.dharmasunhealing.com
Enfield Naturopathic Clinic, Dr. Carolyn Sterchi, BA (Hons.), ND
(902) 883-3838 enfieldnd@eastlink.ca
Green Bin Cleaners, Richard MacLean
(902) 880-2816 rmaclean@hfx.eastlink.ca
Halifax Massage Therapy, Michelle Forward, RMT
(902) 446-5860 michelle@halifaxmassagetherapy.com www.halifaxmassagetherapy.com
Holistic Nutritionist, Dana Landry CCT, RHN
(902) 455-6888 dana.landry@hotmail.com
HolistiClean, Luc Cayer, Owner
(902) 830-6139 holisticlean@yahoo.ca http://www.holisticlean.com
Hydrostone Osteopathy, Shawn Selfridge, RMT & Osteopath (in study)
405-3222 info@hydrostoneosteopathy.com http://www.hydrostoneosteopathy.com/
Integrated Energy Therapy , Jane Moody
(902) 275-1900 appt@janemoody.ca http://www.janemoody.ca/
Natural Path Massage Therapy, Taylor Bernard, R.M.T.
(902) 463-9351 naturalpath@ns.sympatico.ca www.mynaturalpath.ca
Nurtured Products for Parenting, April MacKinnon, Mom & Owner
405-4367 orders@nurtured.ca http://www.nurtured.ca
Pillars of Health, Jennifer Salib-Huber, P.Dt., ND
444-3303 reception@pillarsofhealth.ca http://www.pillarsofhealth.ca/
Plovers - the Environmental Store, Liz Crocker
(902) 422-6060 info@plovers.net www.plovers.net/
Psychotherapist, Marion Stork, MA, RPC
(902) 454-2874
Registered Massage Therapist, Jessica Marsh, RMT
(902) 405-3710 marshmassage@yahoo.ca http://www.marshmassage.blogspot.com/
Reiki Master & Teacher, Danuta Snyder
(902) 422-4653
Reiki Master & Teacher, Gabrielle Gietzen
(902) 483-9111 gabrielle@jikiden-reiki.ca
Remedy Facial Bar & Spa, Angela Bishop, Esthetician
(902) 425-7586 info@remedyspa.com www.remedyspa.com
Rolfing, John Panter
(902) 425-2612 fareast@auracom.com johnpanterrolfer.com
Sore Spots Massage Therapy, Jamie Chediac, RMT
(902) 492-6439 hello@sorespots.com www.sorespots.com
Sound Chiropractic, Dr. Ellen MacPhee
(902) 444-4666 soundchiropractic.ca/
Stress Busters Chair Massage, Lola McNeil, B.Sc.,M.Sc., CCMP
(902) 488-5652 stressbusterschairmassage@gmail.com
Tall Trees Wellness, Jill Haverstock, BScAHN, RNCP, CPCC
(902) 414-45599 jill.haverstock@gmail.com http://www.talltreeswellness.org/
Therapeutic Approach Health Centre, Penny Ormsbee, Registered Nutritional Consultant
(902) 476-2904 pormsbee@ns.sympatico.ca www.pennyormsbee.ca
Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio, Mike & Maxine Munro
(902) 429-3303 www.yogastudio.ns.ca
Viva Health Centre, Shahid Ali Jiwa, R.Ac
(902) 880-8482 info@vivahealthcentre.com www.vivahealthcentre.com
Viva Health Centre, Neil Melanson, RMT
(902) 880-VIVA info@vivahealthcentre.ca http://www.vivahealthcentre.com/
Yoga Studio 108, Dorothy Spence, Owner
info@108yoga.ca http://108yoga.ca/
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