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Where it begins...

More beginnings...
Halifax Tool Library - Now located at 6070 Almon St we are open from 5:30-8 Tuesday for Women, 5:30-8 Wednesday for everyone, and 11-4 Saturdays!
Designer Craft Shop presents Trunk Show and Sale - This is the only opportunity this fall to see my newest work, which includes framed and unframed, matted and unmatted images as well as cards.
Living off the grid - Join EOS Eco-Energy Saturday afternoon, October 18, 2014 for an informative talk on living off the grid with two off-grid pioneers from southeast New Brunswick, Wendy Keats and Jim Brown. Learn about solar electric and solar hot water systems as well as how to calculate your energy requirements and what to think about before going off the grid.
"Have Your Say" about Climate Change (Part 1) - What actions should the federal government take to mitigate, adapt and manage risk?
Derailed: The National Dream (Documentary Film Screening) - Film showing to be followed by a question and answer period. De-Railed: The National Dream, is a documentary examining the crumbling state of the Canadian Railway system. Having lost more than 10,000 kilometers of track since 1990, why has Canada allowed it's "ribbon-of-rail" to become so tattered?
Tool Drive 2014 - For every underused tool sitting in a basement there are a dozen people waiting to use it.
Intro to Hempcrete and Light Straw Clay - Hempcrete, and light straw clay are two very low-impact building materials that are solid, durable and non-toxic.
Op-Ed: Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act -- Growth for whom?
By, Jan Slomp
- On December 9th 2013, Omnibus Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act went to Parliament for first reading. Passing Bill C-18 would make Canada compliant with UPOV ‘91, a much more restrictive form of Plant Breeders’ Rights than we currently have. The second part of the Act will prepare Canada’s regulatory regime for fast track approval of feed or food additives, drugs or other inventions that are already approved in jurisdictions we trade with. Bill C-18 also opens the door for farmers to tap into multi-year advance payments secured by crops in storage or grown in the future.
Exploring the Current Legal and Charitable Landscape of Non-Profits - The legal and charitable landscape for non-profit organizations is transforming. Recent changes by the federal government governing financial accountability and auditing requirements, revoking of charitable status of select environmental groups, as well as the incorporation of social enterprise activity into funding portfolios all have legal and charitable implications for non-profit organizations.
Let the NS Review of Fracking know what you think! - NOFRAC, the Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition, is encouraging all Nova Scotians to let the Nova Scotia Review of Hydraulic Fracturing know your opinion about fracking and shale gas development in Nova Scotia.
Coldest Night of the Year Walk - The Coldest Night of the Year Walk is a fundraiser in support of the ARK's programs for youth and street-involved in Halifax. It will be held on February 22nd.
Neighbourhood Leadership Workshop - Planning & Design Centre - The Planning & Design Centre is pleased to annouce an exciting free workshop led by Jim Diers on Community Leadership to be held on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 from 1pm - 5pm.
Solar Nova Scotia: Renovations! - Solar NS has been busy planning a public event to help renovate and re-invent the Society. It will be hosting facilitated event on January 25th and invites you to come out and lend your creativity to help shape it's future vision.
Changing Building Codes and Creating Resilient Communities - The Built Environment Committee of the Ecology Action Centre has organized two very interesting guest speakers for Thursday January 9th 5:30-7:30 p.m. in Room 208 of the Bloomfield Centre (2786 Agricola Street). Andrew Holley and Phillip Durand will speak on the topics of the need for changing building codes and creating resilient communities, respectively.
Film Screening: - Spend a night with Canoe/Kayak Nova Scotia (CKNS) as they screen film: "Waterwalker" on Thursday, November 7th (7:30pm - 10:00pm). The screening will be held in Room 1014 in the Rowe Building (University Avenue) of Dalhousie University.
FarmWorks Flavours
Small Plates & Sweet Treats
- An opportunity to try delicious, nutritious local fare prepared by people supported by FarmWorks Investment Co-op Limited and others! Chat with these Food and Beverage Providers, meet FarmWorks Directors and Advisors, hear how FarmWorks and other organizations provide money, mentoring and marketing and discover the benefits of participating in FarmWorks.
The Art of Community - hosted by The Deanery and Jumblies Theatre - Explore the principles and practices of arts that engage with and create community: definitions, values, ethics, challenges, partnerships, facilitation, arts-based research, collaboration across disciplines and traditions, site-specific performance, creative process and more.
March Against Monsanto - Saturday, October 12th - Join March Against Monsanto for their 2nd of 3 marches against Monsanto, taking place this Saturday, October 12th at Sackville Landing (1650 Lower Water Street) in Halifax.
Film Screening: "On the Line" -

The South Shore Chapter of the Council of Canadians will screen "On The Line" Friday, October 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mahone Bay Centre (45 School St, Mahone Bay, NS). The film follows award-winning, eco-adventurist and filmmaker Frank Wolf with friend Todd McGowan as they bike, hike, and paddle the GPS track of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline, talking to people from all walks of life whom they met along the way.

Halifax Chamber of Commerce - Just in time for Thanksgiving, enjoy a drink and delicious Home Grown Organic Foods hors d'oeuvres prepared by Executive Chef, Dan McCarthy.
New 'Green Interview' installment with Sarika Cullis-Suzuki -

Research shows international watchdogs "failing the high seas": Sarika Cullis-Suzuki

Two-thirds of the world's high-seas fish stocks are depleted or over-fished because of ineffective monitoring and lack of legislation, says marine biologist and high-seas expert Sarika Cullis-Suzuki.

March Against Monsanto - On May 25, activists in over 250 cities and 36 countries will unite to march against Monsanto. Our goal is to spread awareness about the harmful effects of genetically modified organisms and also to offer solutions such as buying locally grown, organic food. (or better still, growing your own!) The march will start at 2pm at Victoria Park and march to Grand Parade Square for a rally. The rally will feature multiple speakers, including Lil Mac Pherson ( Owner and President of the Wooden Monkey restaurant) and John Percy ( Nova Scotia Green Party leader). For more information, visit the facebook page at http://on.fb.me/YvVw5I
Join Farmers for the Day of Action to Stop GM Alfalfa! April 9, 2013 - Urgent Action Alert from the National Farmers Union-Ontario: Stop the release of GM Alfalfa!
Grow a Farmer Apprenticeship Program - ACORNs Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship Program will collaborate with 10-15 organic/transitioning Maritime farms to deliver comprehensive curriculum-oriented farm-based apprenticeships and mentorships to those seeking experiential education in organic agriculture.
Holiday Lobster! - Off the Hook is pleased to offer fresh, live, hardshell lobster direct from the waters of the Bay of Fundy this holiday season.
If You Build It: building community through renewable energy projects - If You Build It is a community of friends that work on renewable energy projects in Nova Scotia. All backgrounds, renewable-energy-interests, and skills welcome!
Looking for recipe testers!! - The Food Action Committee is re-vamping and re-doing their local seasonal cookbook, Eating by the Seasons. We are excited about some of the format changes and new ideas, and of course all the yummy local recipes!!
So you want to cook like a Top Chef? - Welcome to Top Chef University - Here you will learn professional cooking techniques and food preparation methods (not just recipes) from several Top Chef contestants. Learning how to cook has never been more fun and convenient.
ACORN`s Beginner Farmer Symposium - New, aspiring and experienced farmers unite! Come to ACORN`s First Annual Beginner Farmer Symposium on August 20th!
Halifax urban farm taking shape as opening draws near - It’s grass, dirt and decorated with a few straw bales right now, but the 3.5 acre lot at the corner of Robie Street and Bell Road will start looking like a farm in no time. Article here
Stop the Omnibus Crime Bill Now
Canadians Will Benefit
- The Omnibus Crime Bill (C-10) should be stopped now. It is regressive and punitive versus progressive and restorative. It puts into law a system that is ineffective and is extremely wasteful of public funds. Effectiveness and affordability are the underpinnings of this government’s approach. Why is the direction changing now?
Growing Peanuts in Nova Scotia - Annapolis Seeds - Owen Bridge of Annapolis Seeds (www.annapolisseeds.com) talks about growing peanuts in a northern climate. With the right variety and the right spot (well draining soil in full sun, with about 120 frost-free days) peanuts can be a surprisingly easy crop to grow. Youtube
The 2011 CBC Massey Lectures
Winter: Five Windows on the Season
- This year the CBC Massey Lectures celebrates fifty years with bestselling author, essayist, cultural observer, and famed New Yorker contributor Adam Gopnik.
Fibre, Rabric and Natural Dye Forum - Join us September 14-16, 2011 at TapRoot Farms, Port Williams, Nova Scotia for the Fibre, Fabric and Natural Dye Forum (FANDS).
Double Dee success! - Branching out from its small ice cream stand, Dee Dee’s now serves burritos, it’s a score on both fronts.
Grow A Farmer - As part of a new educational initiative, ACORN has started the "Grow A Farmer" Learning Series, providing workshops and events to educate, inspire and connect our growing community of urban and rural food-growers.
2nd Annual Oceans Film Festival - In celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8) the International Ocean Institute along with its partners have decided to turn this one day celebration into a month of activities!
Adventures at LocalMotive Farm - Our team at HomeGrown took a trip to visit Jody and Keith at LocalMotive Farm! One of the amazing farms supplying HomeGrown with salad greens, spinach, peppers, chives, herbs and eggs!
Looking to work on a farm this summer? - Great educational opportunities are available for farms right here in Nova Scotia.
Guerilla Harvesting - A veritable feast of berries can be found for free here in the city, on roadsides, in empty lots and along railroad tracks.
For the first time food becomes a political priority - Check out this excellent article by the Globe and Mail detailing the federal parties food platforms.
Halifax cannot afford more sprawl - The last thing Halifax Regional Municipality needs is more sprawl
Bee Keeping Info and classes! - The Halifax Honey Bee Society classes and info!
Jamie Oliver at TED -
Nova Scotia Food Policy Council
Call for Nominations & Participation
- Concerned about food issues? We invite you to participate in the newly-formed Nova Scotia Food Policy Council to develop policies in support of the wonderful work being done across Nova Scotia to re-shape our food system. The Nova Scotia Food Policy Council is a citizens’ group working with communities, organizations, and governments to develop and implement policies and programs that ensure an equitable, healthy, and sustainable local food system, responsive to the economic, environmental, social, and cultural needs of Nova Scotians. (Mission Statement, 2010 NSFPC Memorandum of Association)
Take me outside week September 20th to 26th - Take Me Outside Week is a new project coordinated by Recreation Nova Scotia to support a growing "back to nature" movement as we invite more children and youth out into the great outdoors.
Peace Conference 2010 - The foundation to any workable society is peace. Unfortunately for some it is an unattainable goal, however peace activists and changemakers are looking forward to rectify this. The Peace Conference of 2010 is being held this year at Mount Saint Vincent University and includes many different speakers and opportunities to make a positive change for the World.
Tatamagouche Centre Community Celebration - June 11 at 2:00 pm to June 12 4 pm there will be a celebration to honour the wonderful programs offered at the Tatamagouche Centre. FOr more information please check out www.tatacentre.ca
Book Launch For Grow Organic: A Simple Guide to Nova Scotia Vegetable Gardening - Tuesday, March 23, 2010, 7 pm
Spring Garden Public Library Program Room
FRESH, The Movie - FRESH is more than a movie, it is a gateway to action. Our aim is to help grow FRESH food, ideas, and become an active participant in an exciting, vibrant, and fast-growing movement.
Climate Change Action - Come stand in solidarity at the corner of Robie and Willow every Monday from 4-6 pm to help bring attention to Canadas role in the world climate talks in Copenhagen December 12th.
Tree monocultures - The 21st of September "International Day Against Tree Monocultures" Declaration is a short clip which was produced by EcoDoc Africa. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1UpHW6tBLU
Consumer Trends: Ethical Choices Drive Change in Food Markets - Today, consumers are recognizing that Eating is an act with serious environmental and ethical implications.
Halifax Peace Coalition Book Club Meeting - Please join the Halifax Peace Coalition for our second annual book club on Sunday, June 7 from 2:00pm until 4:00 pm at the Just Us Cafe 5896 Spring Garden Road Halifax. We will be reading and discussing the anti war classic War is a Racket by US General Smedley Butler,one of the most decorated American Generals.
Green Renovations and Alternative Heating Workshop -
Geography of Hope Author Chris Turner Speaking in Halifax - One of the most positive, profound and provocative writers on environment in Canada today. The author of The Geography of Hope, his work can be found currently in The Walrus and on worldchanging.com. He is young, hip, smart, and interesting, and he will be ALL OURS the night of March 31st.
Dialogue for Change - The College of Sustainability invites you to attend Dialogue for Change, an On stage discussion with internationally renowned thinkers whose ideas will challenge convention, confront contemporary paradigms and inspire positive change.
Musicians for Farmers - On February 21st, come for your fill of local food and music in support of Heliotrust, an Ecology Action Centre affiliate, whose projects include: farmland conservation, sustainable farming practices, biodiversity, and conserving and imparting rural wisdom.
Discover the Wisdom of the Mountains: Coffee Lands and Ancient Civilization Tour in Mexico - A unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Oaxaca region of Mexico and learn about coffee with Fair Trade organic farmers.
State of Mine - An investigation of the Canadian extractive industry and the release of the Dominion Media COOPs special issue on mining.
Nature Trust 11th Annual Dinner and Silent Auction - Nature Trusts largest annual event and fundraiser October 30th 2008
Free talk by Laury Hammel - Laury Hammel recently published his first book,Growing Local Value— How to Build Business Partnerships that Strengthen Your Community. This book tells the story of how over twenty locally-owned companies have made an impact on their community
Veggie Tasting - Complimentary Veggie Tasting presented by the Halifax Association of Vegetarians and Planet Organic
Four Directions in the Natural World - This workshop,relying on the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, holism and the four elements, provides participants with the opportunity to seek some clarity of their own relationship status as citizens within the greater organic whole.
A Concert for Peace with Errol Lee - All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the Centre for Development and Peace Education (cdpeace) working in Sierra Leone in West Africa. Cdpeace is a Peaceful Schools International member and partner
Hope for Wildlife Society Open House - The Hope for Wildlife Society is holding its 7th Annual Open House. Come show your support for this remarkable facility that cares for hundreds of injured and orphaned animals each year.
Film Screening: Whos Counting Sex, Lies and Global Economics - Free screening of Marilyn Warings award winning film produced by the National Film Board of Canada
Enforcing Environmental Law in Nova Scotia Tools and Challenges - The aim of the ECELAW 2008 Environmental Law Workshop is to enable community groups and individuals to effectively engage in the process of enforcing environmental laws.
Book Launch of The Maritime Book of Climate Change, by Richard Zurawski - Richard Zurawski takes a hard look at our regional weather and then projects into the future to see what the Maritimes will look like in the coming years as the worlds climate changes and discusses what we should be doing now. How we respond and how soon we respond to the coming changes will determine how easy or how difficult the transitions will be.
Uranium Political and Health Fallout - Dr. Gordon Edwards will speak about the concerns surrounding Uranium
A Delectable Dinner with the Halifax Association of Vegetarians - A catered event hosted by the Halifax Association of Vegetarians and Big Life Whole Foods. Music provided by John Dalton of Big Life
McNabs and Lawlor Islands Beach Cleanup - Kick off Environment Week by joining the Friends of McNabs Island Society for the annual cleanup of McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park.
The Future of Fair Trade with Francisco VanderHoff - Fair Trade now includes many different products and has great potential as a model for social change. It is also in danger of being hijacked by big business. Join us for a presentation and discussion about the Future of Fair Trade.
Green Moves in the Country presented by Harry Gow - Harry Gow, founder of Transport 2000 Canada and expert on rural transport will be giving a public talk on May 22nd from 7-9:30pm at Dalhousie University.
Strong Coffee screening - National Fair Trade Weeks (May 1 ­ 15, 2008) bring together businesses and community members to raise awareness of Fair Trade and its benefits ­ both for the environment and for farmers in developing countries.
Earth Day Party at Bearlys! - Celebrate this Saturday night at Bearlys House of Blues and Ribs with bands: Heather Kelday & A Band of Owls, Smokin Contra Band, and Scott Withers & The Whisper Banshees.
2 studies conclude that biofuels are not so green after all
By Elisabeth Rosenthal
- Almost all biofuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels if the pollution caused by producing these "green" fuels is taken into account, two studies published Thursday have concluded.
THE EAC & THE HALIFAX FARMERS MARKET - Interested in knowing more about the proposed Seaport Farmers Market? Join us at the EAC for a special info night for EAC members.
Get in the Round: Winter Yurt Building Workshop - Involved in any exciting projects this winter? Thinking of a unique gift for someone that is interested in natural building?

Join Little Foot Yurts; makers of traditional style yurts and learn how to build your own yurt – a low impact, affordable, shelter originating from Central Asia. Versatile and portable the yurt can be used for a cabin, studio, home or workshop space.
Is Christianity a Green Faith? - The Hon. Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour for the Province of Nova Scotia, will deliver the keynote address entitled: Is Christianity a Green Faith?.

The Joy of Singing! - Rediscover the joy of singing with others - a group voice class for adults. Learn basic vocal technique, singing in harmony and sing songs from folk, world and jazz styles in a relaxed atmosphere.
Herb Fair on McNabs island - If you have an interest in herbs and herbal medicine, you will not want to miss the 5th annual herb fair of the Herbalist Association of NS. (HANS)
Live Willow Weaving workshop - Michael Wolter will be demonstrating this unique form of garden structure and creating a living fence for the EAC garden. This demonstration will be held in the yard of the Ecology Action Centre on Fern Lane on Saturday, April 21st at 1:00pm.
Learn how to build your own yurt - Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to build your own yurt - a low impact shelter originating from Central Asia. Building a shelter is an empowering and creative experience, with lots of hands-on learning.
The Standing Tall Campaign for Environmentally Responsible Forestry - What do you think of when you think of Nova Scotia’s forests? Shaded trout streams? Mayflowers and ladyslippers? Blazing fall colours? Well-paid jobs in our small towns? Maple syrup? The clean smell of freshly-sawn broad pine boards? Trees so wide it’s hard to get your arms around them?

Or do you think of clearcuts, of protests against spraying, of softwood tree farms springing up seemingly everywhere?
Celebrate without pesticides! - Order a chemical-free tree or wreath for your home, school or workplace! The Ecology Action Centre is once again offering trees and wreaths, locally grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Canada World Youth - Hiring Project Supervisors (2006 -7) - Canada World Youth offers international educational programs to young people aged 17 to 24. Since 1971, the year CWY was founded, more than 25 000 people from Canada and around the world have participated in our programs in 67 countries.
From Belgrade to Baghdad: How the Uncorrected Media Lies
A public lecture with Scott Taylor
- Scott Taylor, a former professional soldier, has been editor and publisher of Esprit de Corps, an Ottawa-based magazine. Taylor has logged over one million air miles as a war correspondent reporting from such global hot spots as the Persian Gulf, Cambodia, Western Sahara, Croatia, Bosnia, and most recently from Iraq, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, and Macedonia.
Iraq: America's Imperial Nightmare
A lecture with Scott Taylor
- Taylor has made 21 trips into Iraq, before, during and after the US intervention to topple Saddam Hussein. Reporting as an unembedded journalist, Taylor discovered first hand the risks involved in frontline journalis
Solar Shelter Design Courses - Solar Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the next courses of Solar Shelter Design, a practical, how-to course on designing and building solar shelters, incluing greehouses, solaria, additions and especially solar homes.
Annual Conference of the Canadian Network for Environment Education and Communication - Creating a Culture of Environmental Respect and Sustainability
HALIFAX WIND ENERGY CEDIF MEETING BIG SUCCESS... - On, Monday, January 16, 2006, the Chronicle Herald ran a front-page business story "How to win with the wind"(C-1) by business reporter Judy Myrden - the largest wind energy story to ever to appear in the Herald.
LETS / Bike Again! Winter Bike Skills Workshop - LETS and Bike Again are presenting a workshop on winter cycling skills. Covered will be clothing/gear, maintenance and road tips. If you have wanted to have your bike out this winter but haven't dared, then this event is for you!
Unmasking the “Clean” Hydroelectricity Myth:
Building Hydro Dams to Fight Climate Change Destorys the Environment
- Montreal, December 8, 2005 – A Coalition of International and Canadian environmental organizations are demanding that governments and hydro utilities not destroy the environment in order to fight climate change.
Biofuel basics - A day-long training weekend workshop will teach you how to modify your diesel vehicle to run on new or used vegetable oil AND how to make clean-burning non-toxic biodiesel for use in any diesel engines.
Terminator Seed Technology: Implications for Food Sovereignty in the South
by Anna Paskal of Inter Pares, an Ottawa based Non-Governmental Organization
- Inter Pares has long been working in the areas of ecological agriculture, seed saving, agricultural biodiversity, and rural livelihood development. Please join us in learning more about Teminator Seeds and what we can do to improve seed saving, agricultural biodiversity, and rural livelihood development in our world.
Community Workshops on Oceans Management - Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO - Maritimes) recently released a draft Integrated Oceans Management Plan for the Eastern Scotian Shelf. The draft Plan sets out objectives and strategies for sustainable use and conservation of a 325,000 km2 offshore area between Halifax and the Laurentian Channel.
Royals to go 'green' at Windsor
BBC News (UK Edition)
- Final permission has been given to plans for a £1m hydro-electric power plant to supply Windsor Castle.
West Edmonton condos first Alberta apartments to use geothermal
The Edmonton Sun
- A west Edmonton condominium project is likely providing an example of things to come by relying on geothermal heating to beat the rising cost of oil and gas systems, the owner said.
Meet the world's first hybrid-cab driver
Grist Magazine
- Like any self-respecting cabbie, Andrew Grant has a talent for small talk. But when the conversation turns to his prized 2004 Toyota Prius, things get a bit more animated.
A Bed of Red Flowers: In Search of My Afghanistan - NELOFER PAZIRA is a journalist and filmmaker based in Toronto. She starred in Kandahar and co-directed Return to Kandahar. She currently works for CBC?s nightly newscast, The National. She has recently set up a charity ? Dyana Afghan Women?s Fund ? to provide education and skills training for women in the city of Kandahar.
Waging War on the Poor: Canada in Haiti - Join Yves Engler for the Halifax launch of the newly published "Waging War on the Poor Majority: Canada in Haiti" (Red/Fernwood Publishing), co-authored by Yves Engler and Anthony Fenton.
Report of the Commissioner of the Environment - The Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development is expected to table her Report in the House of Commons on 29 September 2005.
Solar Nova Scotia Summer Workshop - Solar enthusiasts and experts will gather in Halifax on August 20th and 21st to exchange ideas and information about renewable energy, energy conservation, and off-grid living.
Energy and HRM's Regional Plan - In late Spring 2005, a working draft of HRM's proposed Regional Plan was released to the public. Although one of the Plan's principals explicitly refers to "energy", the references to energy in the working draft are few and far between. This paper reviews the Plan and its proposed actions on HRM's energy future.
G8 Climate Alarm in Ottawa - Citizens concerned about Climate Change will ring bells and blow whistles on Parliament Hill to sound their discontent with global climate injustice. This action is part of an unprecedented world-wide 'climate alarm'. People around the world are sounding the climate alarm to remind the G8 leaders meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland that it is time to take concrete actions to address socio-ecological implications of climate change.
Breaking the chains: Fun facts about Wal-Mart - In a recent press briefing in Bentonville, Arkansas, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott Jr. announced the corporation could not afford to pay living family wages to its workers in a manner similar to what its competitors Costco, Safeway, Giant and Kroger currently do.
High School sophmore builds model hydrogen car - Although dreaming of one day being a heavy metal drummer, 15 year old Micah Hinton may be destined for engineering. The high school sophomore has designed a model car that uses a solar panel to create hydrogen fuel out of water.
The Friends of McNabs Island Society, 13th Annual Beach Clean-up - Kick off Environment Week by joining the Friends of McNabs Island Society in the annual cleanup of McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park. Bring gloves, comfortable shoes, lunch, drinking water and **Enthusiasm**. Meet at Four Winds Charters on Cable Wharf in Halifax (near the Halifax Ferry Terminal). Transportation to the island is FREE for volunteers. Groups of more than ten persons must pre-register with the Friends of McNabs Island.
Dr. Ram Myers to speak at CPAWS-NS AGM - In celebration of Oceans Day on June 6th, CPAWS Nova Scotia Chapter is pleased to have Dr. Ransom Myers as our guest speaker at our AGM on Saturday, June 4th.
Break the chains on World Fair Trade Day with a house party! - Just in time for World Fair Trade Day, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is pleased to announce our next House Party film and action pack, featuring the new documentary, Coffee with the Taste of the Moon. Starting May 14th the OCA and allies around the world will promote Fair Trade and organic goods, like coffee, chocolate and tea.
Bloomfield Centre Open House - The Bloomfield Review Committee has recommended to the HRM Program & Services Review Committee that the entire Bloomfield Centre be shut down, & the site disposed of. As a vital hub of the Bloomfield community, it is felt by the members of this community that the Bloomfield Centre must be saved.
Action Alert: Protection of Fish Habitat - Funding for fish habitat protection will be cut by $2.3 million in 2005 if the Federal budget is passed with further cuts to a total of $7 million a year by 2007.
Urgent Action on Climate Change Needed, Groups Tell Leaders - (Ottawa) The Sierra Club of Canada has joined with 35 environmental, labour and green industry associations to urge all parties put aside their differences long enough to ensure that measures necessary for implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, introduced in the February budget, are approved by Parliament without delay. Concerned that an election will be called before the recently announced federal measures can get underway, the groups have written a joint letter to Prime Minister Martin, Stephen Harper, Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton.
2nd Exposition Innovation, Education and Economic Development - A conference dealing with petrochemical and environmental R&D is being held at Dalhousie from April 28-30 www.dal.ca/~petrosec The registration is $300 if you can afford it. But if not, you can register online for free at www.dal.ca/~petrosec and all that's necessary is to click on "Bill me" on the Registration page, but you won't get billed.
Nova Scotia Nature Trust AGM - The Nova Scotia Nature Trust will be holding its Annual General Meeting on April 28th. Come and find out how private land conservation has been progressing this past year and get a look at what's to come.
Earth Day Canada's National Award Program - Earth Day Canada is looking for the environmental heroes in your community. These Hometown Heroes are people who have made significant positive contributions and improved the state of the environment at the local level. In order to recognize these local heroes and celebrate their efforts and achievements, Earth Day Canada has established the Earth Day Hometown Heroes Award Program.
PUBLIC MEETING: Unfair Trade and the Crisis in Agriculture - The Halifax Trading Options Coalition and Oxfam are sponsoring a public meeting with speakers representing farmers South and North:
Study highlights global decline - The most comprehensive survey ever into the state of the planet concludes that human activities threaten the Earth's ability to sustain future generations.
PEI Consultations GE Free Zone - As you know, Prince Edward Island's Legislative Assembly's Standing Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Environment has announced its plans to hold hearings to examine the issues around a potential decision to declare PEI a GE free zone.
Warnings of disaster from the Animal Kingdom - According to National Geographic, there have been a significant number of reports documenting animals who seemed to sense the recent Asian tsunami before it hit.
2005 Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program - Cultivating Tomorrow's Environmental Leaders

Every day, in communities across Canada, young people are actively demonstrating their passion for the environment through the important work they accomplish. These dedicated young Canadians are emerging as tomorrow's environmental leaders and advocates.
More protection for wetlands needed - A national wetlands conservation group is urging Nova Scotia to adopt rules that ensure new wetlands are created when areas are destroyed.
Mad cows and insane bureaucrats - Despite repeated claims that "all is well." a third case of Mad Cow Disease has been confirmed in Canada.
The Fossil Fools - The Guardian
The dismissal of climate change by journalistic nincompoops is a danger to us all.
A Warm Welcome To The Attitude Change On Global Climate Change - The Globe and Mail
A couple of weeks ago, a speech on climate change was delivered at the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York think tank and publisher.
Showing of The Corporation - The Society for Corporate Environmental Social Responsibility (CESR) invites you to a showing of the movie The Corporation on Monday, October 4th, 2004, in the McMechan Auditorium of the Killam Library at 7:45 pm. The cost is $2 or $1 with a donation of a non-perishable food item for the metro food bank.
Use Green Energy To Keep The Lights On - The Ottawa Citizen
Over the next few months the Ontario government will make the most important decision of its mandate. It won't be about issues such as health care and education that are the main concerns for Ontarians. Instead, the McGuinty government is deciding whether to resurrect the 1950s dream of "clean and cheap'' nuclear power to solve the province's looming electricity crunch.
Ontario To Repair, Reopen Nuclear Plant - The Globe and Mail
Ontario's Liberal government announced the controversial decision Wednesday to continue the province's reliance on nuclear power by rebuilding one nuclear-generating plant at Pickering and possibly rebuilding two others.
Nuclear Power 'Can't Stop Climate Change' - The Independent
Nuclear power cannot solve global warming, the international body set up to promote atomic energy admits today.
Farming For Electricity - The Toronto Star
Ontario farmers could harness the wind to produce one-third of the province's power , writes Paul Gipe.
Shell Boss 'Fears For The Planet' - BBC
The head of one of the world's biggest oil giants has said unless carbon dioxide emissions are dealt with he sees "very little hope for the world".
The Politics of Wind - The Tyee
Wind power is in vogue, but is B.C. failing to set sail?
Rice Yields Dip As Planet Warms - BBC
There is a strong link between increasing night temperatures and decreasing rice yields. Global warming could have a severe effect on rice production, say scientists working in the Philippines.
China Pledges to Use More Alternatives to Oil and Coal - New York Times
BONN, June 4 - China, which has rattled energy markets with its ravenous appetite for oil, declared on Friday that it would generate 10 percent of its power through renewable sources by 2010.
World's Land Turning To Desert At Alarming Speed, UN Warns - USA Today
UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ Increasingly vast areas of the world are being turned into desert wasteland every year and the problem threatens to send millions of people fleeing to greener countries to survive, the United Nations says.
PEI Sees Energy Self-Sufficiency Blowin' In The Wind - The Globe and Mail
NORTH CAPE, PEI -- After centuries of cursing the wild winds off the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Prince Edward Islanders are vowing to harness the gales to power the tiny province.
Climate Change Threatens Species, Says Archbishop - The viability of the human race is at stake because of "offences against our environment" which threaten the world with further wars and rising inequality, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, said last night.
France Launches Radical Green Tax On Bigger Cars - The Guardian
French drivers who favour large, gas-guzzling cars will have to pay up to 3,500 Euros (£2,300) more for a new model from next January under a radical green road tax scheme unveiled by the environment ministry.
California Leads on Warming - Filling a leadership vacuum left by President Bush and Congress, states have been forced to lead the fight against global warming. Yesterday California unveiled an ambitious proposal to require automakers to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases linked to global warming by as much as 30 percent over the next decade.
New Parliament Offers Great Opportunity On Climate And Sustainable Energy - Editorial by the David Suzuki Foundation

The makeup of the new government in Ottawa offers the best opportunity to advance climate protection Canada has ever seen.
Halifax International Symposium on Media and Disinformation - Invitation to Participate - This International Symposium aims to deal with one of the most pressing matters facing journalists, media and culture workers, and all sections of the people -- disinformation. The main aim of the Symposium is to empower journalists and collectives of the people by definitively exposing the modus operandi and extent of disinformation, presenting the experience of journalists and activists across Canada and abroad in tackling it, and to consolidate the long-term struggle for its elimination.
The Future of Fisheries and Oceans in Atlantic Canada - Hear representatives of the major political parties debate the future of Fisheries and Oceans in Atlantic Canaada.
Bikeway planning and development - Velo Quebec Technical Bikeways Workshop - This training will allow the participant to better understand the major steps involved in bikeway planning and development projects, and to learn the basics about facility design and operation.
Reshape Canadian Politics - Volunteers Needed for Federal Election - Can you direct some volunteer time during the upcoming federal election to help reshape the Canadian political system? To help turn electoral politics upside-down, so we can put Canadian democracy right-side-up?

The Prime Minister will soon call an election. And Fair Vote Canada will respond with its own call: "Make this the LAST unfair election!"
Earth Day Canada's National Award Program - Earth Day Canada is looking for the environmental heroes in your community. These Hometown Heroes are people who have made significant positive contributions and improved the state of the environment at the local level. In order to recognize these local heroes and celebrate their efforts and achievements, Earth Day Canada has launched the Earth Day Hometown Heroes Award Program.
Practical steps for resolving the chinch problem without resorting to pesticides - Dear Mayor Kelly, Mr. King and Councilors,

I am writing in regard to the Pesticide By-Law to urge that in 2004 progressive measures are taken to deal with the chinch problem that overwhelmed the permitting process in 2003. By doing so, we can maintain our leadership in sustainable development for cities, and reap the sorts of benefits we have gained from the composting program. In fact there is an important link between the compost program and our ability to resolve the chinch problem without use of pesticides.
Correspondence with HRM regarding the pesticide By-law (March 24, 2004) - To: Jeff Morton, President, Landscape Nova Scotia
cc: LNS Board members, Stephen King (HRM), EAC
From: David Patriquin Professor of Biology, Dalhousie University

Supporting and Celebrating Local Food Systems - Imagine our school and work cafeterias bursting with local lettuce and salads, fresh vegetables warm from the sun brought right to your door, local groceries and deli's piled with products made by neighbours and farmers down the lane.
...Dare to dream with food.
Trans fats have no place in a healthy diet! - Canadians are considered among the worlds leading consumers of trans-fats, many of us are unknowingly endangering our health. There is no so called safe level of trans-fatty acids.
Going Organic - Halifax resident Dawn Carson says she started eating organically "because I wanted healthy food for myself and my husband but very healthy food for my children."
Panel Discussion "How can we create a sustainable fish future?" - Come and learn what the government, the media, a fisherman, a marine biologist, a grade 10 student and the foremost environmental action organization in Halifax has to say about sustainable fish harvesting practices in Atlantic Canada.
Film Showing "Empty Oceans Empty Nets" - The title of the film just about says it all. Come and learn more about current fish harvesting practices in Atlantic Canada.
Fish Parade - March for Fish & Oceans followed by rally and fish die in. Let the fish and ocean and coastal communities know you care.
"Canada and Militarization" - The Halifax Peace Coalition invites you to participate in our reading and discussion on "Canada and Militarization" on Monday, Dec. 15 from 7-9PM in the seminar room of the silver Computer Science Building, 6050 University Avenue, Dalhousie University
Alternatives - Alternatives is the only remaining Canadian environmental journal with the mandate to link the work of activists, academics and professionals and to cover both ecological and social justice issues.
Care about fish and the oceans? Come to our second organizing meeting for the "Day of Action for Fish and Fish Habitat" - Our Day of Action is planned for the third week of January and we need all hands on deck to pull it off - a fish die in, a consumer/restaurant campaign, a panel discussion, a film showing, theatrical pieces are some of the events planned...
Dubious Battles: photos of migrant agricultural workers in Canada - The photos in this exhibit are of migrant agricultural workers from Mexico and the Caribbean working in Canada. The goal of the exhibit is to raise local awareness concerning the daily lives of these workers and to promote the Frontier College labourer/teacher program.
Dear friends and neighbors, let's stand together to request better provincial forestry policy! - Many people across this province and most of our community residents are no longer willing to accept a provincial forestry policy that:

- allows the destruction of wildlife habitat and watercourses, promotes harvesting practices that are completely inappropriate for the Acadian forest region,
- runs a silviculture program that does not support small owners and operators who wish to harvest their forests in a low-impact manner.

You may be among the many people who are outraged by the recent cutting in our communities by JD Irving Ltd. Over the next 8-10 weeks, contractors working for the company are cutting over 150 acres of red spruce, white spruce, balsam fir, yellow birch, white birch, white ash, maple, and even apple trees. One property on the Baxter's Harbour Road is owned by nearby hog farmer Graham Ells. When finished, this land will complete about 2000 acres of continuous clearcut on 9 properties, all cut within the last 15 years.

In an attempt to change our forestry policy in Nova Scotia, residents are organizing themselves and calling on other Nova Scotians to request that our provincial government amend current regulations so we can protect our rural communities from the devastating consequences of indiscriminate clearcutting.
Bike Again Community Bike Project - Bike Again Community Bike Project has small grants for artists wanting to create functional art from recycled bike parts! This is an exciting opportunity for bikers, sculptors, jewellers, inventors, carpenters, welders, set designers, art students, costume designers and so on.
- Our bodies speak to us in many ways, yet we often overlook these signals. Giving body experiences special attention allows their language to unfold into a deep awareness process. We tap into the wisdom held within us and find messages for our personal development. These messages relate not only to our own bodies but often reflect on societal and cultural dynamics which exist around us.
Opportunities to volunteer with ACORN are coming up in August and September at Harvest Fairs in all four Atlantic provinces. - The tentative schedule is below, and more Harvest Fairs will be added to the list as details are confirmed. Please contact us for the updated schedule. Typical volunteer duties at the Harvest Fairs include one or more of the following: set-up and tear-down of promotional booth, staffing of booth during fair, and networking among other booths.
Authentic Leadership Summer Program - This week-long program includes skill-building modules, reflection, and creative process--all within the context of a learning community of 300 leaders from around the globe.
Taoist Tai Chi - The purpose of Tai Chi is to promote a healthy lifestyle and mental attitude. Emphasis is on being kind, generous and helpful to others and on gentle turning and stretching movements. Taoist Tai Chi has proven effects on well-being and health.
ACIC's Public Engagement Symposium and AGM / Le Symposium sur l'engagement du public et l'AGA du CACI - All members of the general public are invited to attend the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation's Public Engagement Symposium and Annual General Meeting (AGM), from the evening of Wednesday, April 30 to Saturday, May 3, 2003. The Symposium and AGM will be held at All Saints Parish Hall, in Foxtrap, Conception Bay South, NL, just 20 minutes outside of St. John's, NL.
Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up - You are cordially invited to participate in the Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up Program. Clean Nova Scotia has spent the last 11 years inspiring volunteers to preserve the beauty of our province through community litter clean-ups. Last year was another successful one, with the program supporting approximately 400 events and 20,000 volunteers lending a hand to remove more than 6500 bags of garbage and recyclable items.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Iraq Call Centre - The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has set up an Iraq Call Centre to register the opinions of the Canadian Public about Canada's position on the war in Iraq. Comments are logged and sent to the Minister's office each day, the telephone number is 1-866-880-4378.
Irondale - Thursday Night Open Workshops are Back! - Just a quick note to say that Thursday night workshops are back! For those of you who remember, Thursday night open workshops are Irondale's chance to give something back to the community. We play games, do improv, develop scenes and laugh our heads off. These workshops are an great opportunity to meet people you may never have met anywhere else. These nights have been enormously successful in the past. Due to popular demand, we brought back open night three weeks ago and have had great turn out so far. This is still a trial period, and our decision to continue will depend on attendance in the next two weeks. That means, come out to open night this week, not next and bring a friend. Everybody can come, no experience required, any experience welcomed and all of it absolutely free.
IN SOLIDARITY: Images of Life on the Axis of Evil and Beyond
(1945 -­ present)
- Call for Submissions (send us your photos!)

IN SOLIDARITY is collecting photographs that portray everyday life in the 24 countries that share the common experience of being bombed by the United States since the end of World War II.
Help stop the war!
Send Rice for our Iraqi
- The following article is courtesy of a United Church Faith in Action committee newsletter. The following action has its roots in the Christian scripture upon which Bush says his crusade is based. Please, do what you can. We may never know what impact our efforts have. We may not be "successful". All we are called to be is faithful. "We can do no great things. We can only do small things with great love." (Mother Theresa)
Facilitating Small Groups - “Learn to do by doing!” Small groups are the foundation of successful communities, churches, organizations and social movements! Improve your facilitation with a greater understanding of group dynamics, stages of group development, group decision-making and problem-solving. Gain confidence in dealing with difficult behaviours and situations. Become a more effective facilitator and increase your ability to provide leadership for satisfying, effective small groups in which individuals, organizations, communities and churches can be transformed.
Canadian EECOM Excellence in Environmental Education Awards 2003
Nominate an Outstanding Environmental Educator in Your Community!
- EECOM, the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication, is pleased to announce its second annual program of awards for excellence in environmental education. Any individual or organization, regardless of whether they are a member of EECOM, can nominate an outstanding Canadian individual and/or Canadian institution for an award. Nominations will be accepted in either English or French and all nominations will be evaluated by those fluent in these languages.

Help highlight environmental education, and support and celebrate dedicated practitioners and organizations nation-wide - send in your nominations today!

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday April 30, 2003.
Active Transportation project
Pathways for People Active Transportation Tour
- A team from the Ecology Action Centre and Youth for Environmental Action, funded by the Active Kids/Healthy Kids Strategy through the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission n, will travel to 25 communities in Nova Scotia between April and October 2003. In each community, the team will target the public, nonprofit groups, municipal and government decision-makers, schools and youth with an active transportation message.
CRITICAL ACTION: Urge Finance Minister to Act on Kyoto - Canada’s ratification of the Kyoto Protocol was a critical milestone in advancing national and international efforts to protect the climate.

Now it is time for federal government to follow through on this important symbolic act by implementing policies and programs that tangibly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of the most telling statements about Ottawa’ s priorities is the tabling of the federal budget which happens in late February.
Peace and Nations in the 21st Century:
Understanding the Causes of War.
- The First in a new series designed to inspire discussion and dialogue. The format will include a presentation of information and theme for the evening with emphasis on providing a safe space for discussion and dialogue on the issues presented.
Leadership and Facilitation skills - Make 2003 the year to improve your facilitation and training skills. No doubt you are aware that Tatamagouche Centre is well known for great, practical programs in leadership development. Later this month we will be offering several exciting courses we want you to know about.
Women and Leadership
Leading from the Inside Out: An introductory workshop for women about leadership style.
- This workshop will begin an exploration of leadership as a balance of creative, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional qualities. To be a truly effective leader, requires self-awareness and a capacity to tap into one’s personal power to harness the potential in self, others and the environment.
Solar Shelter Design Course - Solar Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the next course of Solar Shelter Design, a practical, how-to course on designing and building solar shelters, incluing greenhouses, solariams, additions and especially solar homes.
Canned Food Drive - Beginning Wednesday, December 4th, we will be collecting non-perishable food items to be donated to the Metro Food Bank Society.
Public deliberation on food trade - You are invited to a discussion on food and international trade. Trade, and the international agreements that regulate it, play an increasingly important role in the lives of Canadians and people around the world, and more and more Canadians are concerned with how food gets to their dinner table. Increased trade in food products has brought changes for Canadians -for example, in terms of the types of foods available to consumers and in terms of the ways food is produced and transported. In recent years there has been considerable discussion around food, agriculture, and international trade but many Canadians feel left out of the discussion.
Socially responsible investing & ethical funds talk - Free public lecture "Socially Responsible Investing and Ethical Funds" by Michael Jantzi of the Michael Jantzi Research Associates (MJRA).
Renewable Energy Presentation & Discussion - George Klaus of Turbowinds will be speaking at the monthly meeting of the Energy Issues Committee on Tuesday November 19 at 5:15 at the EAC. Turbowinds is a manufacturer of large wind turbines (www.turbowinds.com).
Harvest Practices Seminar:
What is the role of Unevenaged Forest Management in Nova Scotia's Forest?
- On behalf of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists, the Nova Forest Alliance, the Nova Scotia Environmental Network - Forests Caucus, the Nova Scotia Forest Technicians Association, and the Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia, I am pleased to invite you to attend the second harvest practices seminar:
Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group - AGM - This is a notice that the NSPIRG (Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Monday November 4, 2002 at 5:30pm in the Life Science Centre room 206.
Community Environmental Health Audit Workshop - A Community Environmental Health Audit workshop for anyone seeking to learn more about the links between environment and health in their communities and how to address the issues. What's the link between environment and health risks?
Organizing for Community Environmental Action - Are you concerned about your community’s environment? If the quality of air, water or soil is being degraded and you want to know what you can do about it, check out our fall weekend workshop Organizing for Community Environmental Action.
Climate Change: Does Global Warming Warrant a Health Warning? - Speaker: Dr. Tony McMichael
What consequences might we expect for human health due to continued global warming?
Climate Change Forum - Impacts, Challenges, Opportunities - A conversation among environmentalists, academics, politicians, trade unionists and you.
Winds Of Change - 2002 Conference & Trade Show - WIND ENERGY is proving its value in a number of Canadian provinces. The Winds of Change is dedicated to exploring the potential and developing opportunities in all provinces and territories.
Solar Shelter Design Course - Solar Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the next course of Solar Shelter Design, a practical, how-to course on designing and building solar shelters,including greenhouses, solariams, additions and especially solar homes.
Engineers without borders speakers series and general meeting - The opening night of our speaker series exploring The Role of Engineering in International Development featuring Don Fraser, P. Eng.
An engineering consultant with award-winning experience in international development, will speak about "The R
Cumulative Effects of Climate Change and Human Use on Freshwater Communities - Speaker: Dr. David Schindler
Climate warming and human uses will lead to severe problems with freshwater quantity, quality and biodiversity.
Global Warming: How Uncertain is the Look into the Future? - Speaker: Dr. Thomas Stocker
Do scientists understand the climate system well enough to support the IPCC prediction that the global mean temperature will rise between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees C by the year 2100?
- HALIFAX, September 30, 2002 - The Community Animation Program is hosting a free one-day workshop for non-profit community groups on how to influence public policy. By becoming part of the policy process, groups and individuals can help make positiv
David Suzuki at Dalhousie - Be the Change is proud to announce an upcoming talk by Dr. David Suzuki.
- Tatamagouche Centre announces a Guatemala "Breaking the Silence" human rights and community development delegation , February 6th, 2003 to February18th, with registration for an orientation session by September 16th. The tour has three emphases:
PUBLIC FORUM on WIND ENERGY in NOVA SCOTIA - A Public Forum on Wind Energy in Nova Scotia
1:00 to 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 29, 2002
Club Atlantis, Cornwallis Park, Annapolis County
Plant Medicine for Health and Healing - In the western world, we are experiencing a renewed interest in partnering with plants for health and well being. This workshop provides an opportunity to get to know local wild medicinal plants and to learn more about their healing gifts.
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